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Likes to play discgolf in my spare time, a member of HDGK.Is a very active discgolfer in the summer. To be sponsored and travel around the world and play discgolf is my biggest dream.

Friday, July 31, 2009

New Bag

I have now got a brand new DISCarrier bag and quad shock straps that will distribute the weight of your bag to both shoulders, which should improve your game.
i have tested how many disc it can be stored inside of the DISCarrier bag and i came up to that it can be stored around 30 disc´s depending if you have got many thin drivers or many large midrange.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

INFO on the discarrier bag

The DISCarrier from INNOVA holds up to 20-25 disc`s but more can be stored if needed.It holds up to two water bottles 32oz , one on each sides and it can be stored private accessories in all of the four storage pockets.Materials: 1260 denier nylon
Organization: Internal soft frame with 2 divider walls

upgrading my equipment with new bag and straps (coming next week)

INNOVA DISCarrier and Quad Shock
The bag in the picture is filled with 27 disc´s so you don´t need to worry if you think you don`t have room for everything you need.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Testing new putter

I went to NT in UMEÅ last weekend and got my hands on a brand new Q-MEGA that they were selling there and i have started to like it alot. First i just thought that it only was a good putter but then i used it as a driver on hole six wich is 344 ft and i threw it next to the basket for a easy birdie putt with it as well.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying out the (flx)Drone

(flx) Drone 178 grams

I bought the DISCRAFT (flx)Drone 178 g and it worked realy great and i was surprised that it was so overstable because I have been trying out some overstable drivers but they don´t stand a chans compared to the flx Drone.It feels like if the Drone brakes in the air and almost lose speed instantly.